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   hebei cordon mechanical and electric technology co., ltd. the company was established in 2011, register capital rmb 10,000,000, has one branch company(shijiazhuang yuhua branch),one subsidiary company(ningxia cordon water conservancy system technology co., ltd) and domestic multifarious branch offices.we are a hi-tech enterprise which strive to develop equipment of measure and control water of open channel, system design of drainage water distribution, generalization and application of agriculture internet of things. we own core technology and abundant-advanced experience in equipment of integrated smart measurement and control gate, agriculture internet of things and water internet of things. we are proud that we are a builder and active facilitator of irrigation area modernization.

   through years of hard work, cordon technology already has an advanced level in our line around the world, especially in core technology. we own 14 patents of inventions and utility models, also a number of patents are being processed. we keep the patent on the no.1 situation in quantity&quality of subdivision field , researchers of subdivision, investment in integrated smart measurement and control gate subdivision field. we have developed integrated open-ditch measurement and control system, agriculture internet of things irrigation system, adaptive purification system of drinking water source and hi-tech products based on internet of things with tsinghua university, hebei university of science and technology, changjiang river scientific research institute of changjiang water resource commission and so on technology research institution step by step.

   quality is the most effective weapon to occupy the market in peace way.

   innovation is the strongest engine of companys development, and also is the important footstone of cordons artisan spirit.

   our business philosophies are based on quality first, strategic innovation and the same time follow the development strategy of research and development, make, service. we have acquired many patents and advanced scientific achievements through pioneering and enterprising, for example the integrated smart overshort gate, integrated smart undershot gate and so on. we offer the strong technology safeguard for intensive utilization of water resource and generalization &application of high efficient agricultural water conservation.

   we believe in trust, cooperation, enterprising and gathering multi-resource to pour strong power into irrigation area modernized, agriculture industrialization by key technology innovation and hard work of all the people.

   we continuously focus the strategy, concentrate on developing core technology of integrated smart undershot gate flow meter, and pay attention to opportunity of selected core strategy. as following are some fields that cordons products are used:

   1.smart reconstruction of traditional metal structure in water conservancy.

   2.integrated smart undershot gate flow meter.

   3.researching and developing for non-full pipe flow meter of open-ditch.

   4.researching and developing for smart lifting system.

   “pay attention to the overall situation, small start is cordons working style and pragmatic and hard work, strict research and development can achieve more advanced technology. mutual creation, mutual sharing, mutual owns, mutual responsibility can inspire the talent people entirely. we believe that the opportunity is the motive for attracting talents. the talent people is the first source of creation, quality products come from technology, larger and higher end market come from quality products. the company will grow at increasing rate when we strengthen these four kinds of powers and promote them in good circle. cordons aim is that help our customs realize their dream in smart water conservancy field and the company becomes world leader supplier through our hard work step by step.

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