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integrated smart gates
metal structure in water conservancy
water measure
regional water management system
with high accurate control over the gate,solar powered controller and wireless communicanion,this product can provide real time flow and achieve water flow contol through changing opening angle according to preset gate position or water usage demand.
data and user interface: local data transfer,moble,pad or pc,wireless communincation
data stroage: all data saved in eerom and transferred back to the host using 3g,4g or other communication methods
control mode: local control,remote control using3g,4g
gate position: accurater encoder
motor control method: 12/24v dc motor solar powered or local manual hand perated
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   our company offer the traditional products of metal structure of water conservancy and new generation products. the products through reconstruction,optimization and updating which is not only fit to the habits of users but also unit the new technology of internet of things can realize the interconnected message.the users can experience the new generation of internet of things which everything are mobile communication and smart.

cordon technology has successfully solved the questions of field canal water level auto accurate measure,self-powered equipment,equipment maintain and equipment local and remote communication through the monitoring and testing system software of flow meter and equipment which fit to canal water level measure by researching,exploring and designing on measure technology.

application scenario: channel
water quality: any
range of flow measurement:
accuracy of flow measurement: 2-5%
data transmission: gprs\ethernet and wireless network
application scenario: the conduit
water quality: any
range of flow measurement: 50-2000l/s
accuracy of flow measurement: 2-5%
data transmission: gprs\ethernet and wireless network
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consisting of a series of prouducts developed by cordon,it can customize the best solution with different combinations of sofe and hardware for our valued customers.
individual site solution: by using scada module,cordon smart gates and other equipment can be controlled remotely with high accuracy through real time flow measurement date collection and processing.
channel solution: this solution has been developed for whole channel.it is very much the same as individual site solution,just on a much larger scale with multiple gates ang control system working together seamlessy.through this solution,
delivery on demand solution: on the basis of the solution of canal system control,imigation and dispstch can be managed intelligently.while fully utilizing the water suppy capacity of irrigation canals,water supply for farmers is almost on demand.
our business philosophy is based on “quality first, strategic innovation” and the same time follow the development strat...

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